NGLTFA jury decision on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance is expected this week.

Brad Pritchett and Noel Freeman of Houston presented a workshop on the passage and attempts to overturn the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance.

After passing the city council, HERO was challenged. Opponents had one month to collect 17,000 signatures to force the city council to repeal or place the 0rdinance on the ballot.

The opposition, the same group organizing against the Plano Equal Rights Ordinance, turned in more than 50,000 signatures, most of which were found to be fraudulent. Fewer than 4,000 signatures were validated.

When the opposition lost, it sued the city to stop the ordinance. That trial ended Thursday. The jury has been deliberating. According to Pritchett and Freeman who attended parts of the trial, a verdict may come Monday.

Should they lose in court, appeals are expected.

“We expect it to end up in the ballot box eventually,” Pritchett said.

He said he expects a decision by voters to mirror the Dallas proposition that added sexual orientation and gender identity to the Dallas city charter and won with 77 percent of the vote and passed all but eight precincts.