Through some highly skilled investigative reporting (I walked across the street and pulled on the door), Dallas Voice has managed to confirm that Crews Inn is in fact CLOSED today. Rumors are swirling as to why the decades-old gay bar near Voice offices on Fitzhugh Avenue has shut down (tax problems? the first victim of the smoking ban?). But all we know right now is that it ain’t open, which has thrown a major wrench into the Happy Hour routine of certain Voice staffers. We’re in production today, but I did leave a message for Crews Inn co-owner David Moore this morning. Moore hasn’t called me back, and I don’t really expect him to, either, because he was none too happy about our reporting on the Crews Inn trans ban last year. So if anyone knows anything about this closure — and especially if you’re that one hot stripper — please give me a call.сайты бирж копирайтингацены на рекламу на телевидении