Despite the bad economy, crime was down 18.7 percent in Dallas from January through March compared to the same three months last year, The Dallas Morning News reports here.

In the greater Oak Lawn area, known as the 540s sector, crime was down 15 percent for the first three months of 2009, according to an e-mail I received this morning from Lt. Thon Overstreet of the Dallas Police Department’s Northwest Division. Overstreet said violent crime was down 22 percent in Oak Lawn, compared to a 20 percent reduction a violent crime citywide. He promised to send over more detailed statistics about crime in the 540s sector as soon as they become available.

Despite the overall drop in crime in Oak Lawn, the area known as the Cedar Springs-Wycliff corrridor continues to be a problem, according to a report presented to the city’s Public Safety Committee yesterday. The Cedar Springs/Wycliff corridor, which includes the Cedar Springs strip, had the fourth-highest number of violent crimes (44) of any comparable area of the city from Jan. 1 through April 5, according to the report. Cedar Springs/Wycliff ranked behind only Northwest Highway/Harry Hines (50), Forest/Audelia (48) and the Jefferson Corridor (46).

The high rate of violent crimes in the Cedar Springs/Wycliff corridor could make it eligible for funding for police surveillance cameras, which are already in place in other parts of the city including Uptown. You can read more about the surveillance camera program here, but there’s no word on if or when surveillance cameras are coming to the Cedar Springs strip. All I know is it will be too late to catch the person who stole a laptop off a table at Buli Cafe on Monday while the owner was placing his order. (And it was a MacBook no less!)sncrack.ruуслуги оптимизации сайта