Last Friday, Dallas Voice ran a news analysis piece, by Lisa Keen, on the race for president. Just kind of a wrap-up of recent happenings. (read it here.)

Part of the lengthy piece was about Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin and reports that she attempted, while she was a city council member and later mayor in Wasilla, Alaska, to have a gay-positive book banned from the city library there.

Well, when I got to the office this morning, I had a message from a woman, identifying herself as a Democrat and a biracial person, who basically said we are a bunch sexist suck monkeys for printing such vicious lies about Mrs. Palin. And, she said, because of coverage like this, she is going to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket, even though she is a Hillary supporter.

There are just SO MANY things I could say in response. But I don’t really have space here to get into all that. What I will say, though, is that I am truly sick and tired of all these allegations of sexism against Sarah Palin. It’s ridiculous!

Folks, it is not sexist simply to be critical of a person’s politics. Get a dictionary. Look up what the word “sexism” actually means!

Think about it: If anybody says one word critical of Palin or her politics, the Republican machine rises up, points its long finger and declares in a thunderous voice: “SEXISM!’ It reminds me of those days after President Bush ordered our troops to invade Iraq. If anyone had the temerity to question the war, the president or his policies in any way, they were accused of being unpatriotic.

This kind of “you are either with us or you are evil” demagoguery is the same kind manipulation used by those who attacked the U.S. on 9-11 to stir their followers into fanaticism. It is a tactic that attempts to silence any voice of dissent. It requires everyone to walk in lock-step with the powers that be or face retribution. And it is dangerous, no matter what the cause.vzlomat-whatsapp.comпродвижение сайтов гугл