HootersRemember when the Boy Scouts of America were discriminating against lesbian troop leaders even if they were moms with kids in their troops? And throwing out teens who came out?

You know — They had to set a moral example, all in the name of family values and honesty.

Well, the Scouts changed their policy slowly. First they’d let scouts who came out as teens finish their Eagle Scout level and wait until the next week to give them the boot. Then they decided parents of gay scouts weren’t so bad, and then gay employees could stay.

And through all those changes, the sky didn’t fall and Boy Scouts of America still promoted truth, justice and the American way.

In the year since the Irving-based Boy Scouts of America finished changing their discriminatory policies against LGBT troops and employees, my have things changed.

According to a report by ABC News, one Cub Scout troop near Denver has a new sponsor — Hooters.

One Cub Scout mom was surprised when her 7-year-old came home wearing some Hooters attire. Others expressed outrage as pictures of Cub Scouts with waitresses in Hooters uniforms showed up on Facebook.

Apparently, a local Hooters restaurant volunteered to help the Cub Scout troop. In addition to making a financial donation, they sent volunteers. However, things went a little awry when a “group of trained volunteers mistakenly wore the wrong attire” to a local Cub Scout camp. How were these well-meaning volunteers to know that they weren’t supposed to work with 7-year-olds with their boobs hanging out?

Well, maybe BSA policies haven’t really changed. After all, the experience promoted heterosexuality and must have scared the crap out of the scouts who are gay, whether they’re out or not.

We didn’t bother asking BSA’s spokesman in Irving for comment, because he hasn’t returned a called to Dallas Voice since the whole Cub Scout mom incident when Jennifer Tyrrell, who was kicked out of Scouting for being a lesbian, came to town to protest.