I’m wondering if the Lone Star Ride riders from the Dallas Voice team are up for a little more biking. Bike Friendly Oak Cliff is hosting, Cyclesomatic, a weeklong festival of bicycle fun today through Oct. 11. It’s pretty much an Oak Cliff thing with historic rides, competitions, a trek to City Hall (see Angela Hunt in biker shorts!), films, art, and such. That’s a whole lot of two-wheeling fun. Tonight they ride from the J.F.K. Memorial downtown to the Texas Theatre.

If I actually had a bike, I’d consider Sunday’s event which sounds like a blast.

Photopol.us hosts the Bicycle Scavenger Hunt at noon on Sunday [UPDATE: This event has been rescheduled for Oct. 25 due to the darn dreary rain.]. Check out the rules after the jump because they are pretty serious. The hunt starts and ends in the Bishop Arts District and when the teams start rolling in, Oktoberfest and the awards ceremony gets underway. Sounds like a whole lot of fun, some good cardio and then some quality carbs thanks to Eno’s Pizza. Who can beat that?

Now, these are the things you need to know (from their Facebook page):

Team & individual entries can be emailed to us in advance at info@photopolus.com. Just include your team name and the names of all members of your team. Entries will be accepted up to the start of the event but we’d like a heads up so we can print your team name on cards to be proudly displayed along w/ your photos at the award ceremony at 3:30pm at Oktoberfest in Bishop Arts District. Next, be sure to have your bike tires filled w/ air and your camera (film/digital/polaroid) ready to shoot.


1. a sharpie
2. a place to develop/print your photos
3. a camera (film, digital or polaroid)
4. a bike
5. a map of Oak Cliff and the Bishop Arts District
6. a sense of adventure


1. ONE camera per team
2. FIVE person limit per team
3. participants must be on bikes, no cars allowed
4. items on the list may only be used once
5. you may include more than one item per photo
6. no retouching or Photoshopping!
7. you don’t have to get a photo of every item on the list, but the more you get, the better your chances at being PHOTO BIKE CHAMPION
8. arrive back at home base with your printed pictures, ready for us to hang/display by 3pm
9. you must write your TEAM or INDIVIDUAL NAME and THE ITEM YOU SHOT FROM THE LIST on the back of each photo (we must be able to read this so please print clearly)
10. only 25 prints per team accepted, and they must be printed when you arrive back to home base at the 3pm deadline, on 4×6 PHOTO paper (matte or glossy), or Polaroid, or other instant camera print sizes.
11. the team/individual with the most photos from the list wins, if we have more than one team/individual w/ all 25 photos from the list, we go by whomever arrived back to home base first.
12. a photo of a photo of a listed item does not count
13. some of the items on the list will designate that a team member must be in the photo, be sure to pay attention
14. be creative and have fun!

Participants will meet at Eno’s at 11:45am on THIS SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4th, where you will be given THE LIST of items to shoot from bikes around the Bishop Arts District and Oak Cliff.

Happy biking!
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