Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee

Tumblr: depending on who you follow the image-based blogging site it can be a nerd’s delight of data mining, or history’s greatest repository of porn. If, like me, you follow a number of political hacks then you’ve probably seen this delightful map from from Dan K mapping the vocabulary of the 435 members of Congress.

Houston Democrat Shelia Jackson-Lee takes top honors, having the most diverse vocabulary recorded in the Congressional Record since 1996. According to Dan K’s figures, SJL has managed to use 1178 of the 3,393 SAT words used in the rankings over the course of her career. We’ve always known Jackson-Lee to be quite creative in her word choice, particularly when speaking to her staff, but it’s nice to see her perspicacity recognized.

The rest of the Harris County Delegation didn’t fair as well:

No. 19, Ted Poe

No. 57, Gene Green

No. 217, Michael McCaul

No. 244, John Culberson

No. 284, Al Green

No. 324, Pete Olson