Well, subversive of the left, that is.

I don’t usually find myself quoting Jonah Goldberg, but he has a point here, one that isn’t terribly new to gay people. Our quest for marriage and military service is about as traditional family values as you can get. And it’s ironic, to say the least, that the folks who damn us to help for being promiscuous pinkos then also have a problem with us being married patriots.

Watch ABC’s “Modern Family.” The sitcom is supposed to be “subversive” in part because it features a gay couple with an adopted daughter from Asia. And you can see why both liberal proponents and conservative opponents of gay marriage see it that way. But imagine you hate the institution of marriage and then watch “Modern Family’s” hardworking bourgeois gay couple through those eyes. What’s being subverted? Traditional marriage, or some bohemian identity politics fantasy of homosexuality?

Or look at the decision to let gays openly serve in the military through the eyes of a principled hater of all things military. From that perspective, gays have just been co-opted by the Man. Meanwhile, the folks who used “don’t ask, don’t tell” as an excuse to keep the military from recruiting on campuses just saw their argument go up in flames.