UPDATE: Joe is at the airport – he already had tickets to California for Christmas before the DADT signing ceremony was announced (and I, sadly, am already in Chicago). But Joe was able to attend the ceremony this morning, and will report to us shortly (if he can get Internet access in the airport in Philly, it’s not working too well in DC) with photos. In the meantime, here is Joe’s Twitter feed, where he live-tweeted much of the ceremony.

Should begin shortly after 9:15 AM ET, but may start late.

I’m at the ceremony. John is in Chicago so couldn’t make it. But, the White House invited a wide range of people. Most important, there will be a lot of the servicemembers who made this happen. And, there are a lot of folks, like us, who pushed the White House. GetEQUAL’s Robin McGehee will be there with her son, Sebastian. Also, Jonathan Lewis and Paul Yandura, who played key roles in setting up GetEQUAL, got invited. I’m heading to the airport right after the event, but will take photos and possibly get some video.