Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Defense Secretary Robert Gates is on record as ready to scrap Don’t ask, don’t tell. But he ordered a study of the policy before taking a final position.

Now, Gates has moved to make enforcing DADT more difficult.

On some bases, the policy is enforced much more rigidly than on others. Hearsay evidence is often used to destroy people’s lives.

Now, any dismissal will have to be approved by someone with at least the rank of one-star general. Also, all accusations used against a military member will have to be given under oath.

This will not prevent rabid homophobes in the ranks from finding a rabid, homophobic general to ram through dismissals. However, the extra step should slow things down a little, and if only a few generals are responsible for the majority of dismissals, it should draw attention to them.

Also, investigations based on innuendo should drop off if those making accusations are not willing to come forward and face their victims.

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