Kerry Eleveld at The Advocate reports via Twitter that a Democratic aide has told her the Senate Armed Services Committee will take up the proposed repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell” Thursday afternoon in an open session. The committee initially planned to consider an amendment that would repeal the ban on open service in closed session, Eleveld says. Think Progress’ Wonk Room is reporting that the open session has been requested by Arizona Sen. John McCain, who’s threatening to join a Republican filibuster of the repeal if it makes it out of committee to the floor. McCain wants this afternoon’s committee proceedings to be televised.

Meanwhile, Keen News Service is reporting that a House debate on the DADT repeal likely won’t take place until Friday.

And finally, DADT repeal advocates Lt. Dan Choi and Capt. James Pietrangelo have announced a hunger strike. Here’s their press release:


Immediately following congressional mark-ups on the National Defense Authorization Act 2011, Captain James Pietrangelo and I will commence a fast in pursuit of Equality and Dignity. We have three demands of President Barack Obama.

DEMAND #1: End the Comprehensive Working Group “Study,” which insults the dignity of all Americans.

DEMAND #2: End “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” discharges forever.

DEMAND #3: Replace all discriminatory regulations in the military with a comprehensive non-discrimination policy.

Choi added in a Twitter post that, “Some are prepared to spend Memorial Weekend in prison.”

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