A majority of service members who responded to a Pentagon survey wouldn’t mind living and serving alongside openly gay people, according to The Washington Post. Of course, more than half of those who received the survey didn’t respond, which would seem to indicate that they don’t have much of a problem with “don’t ask don’t tell” being repealed, either. And that’s a good thing, because whether they like it or not, they’re already serving alongside gays and lesbians. Besides, it shouldn’t really be up to the troops. Anyhow, the Post’s report is based on findings that were leaked from the study that’s due to President Barack Obama by Dec. 1, on how to end the 17-year-old policy. The Post goes on to note that a federal appeals court is expected to rule later today on whether the military can continue enforcing DADT pending the government’s appeal of a district court’s ruling declaring the policy unconstitutional.

UPDATE: The appeals court did not issue its ruling as expected Friday. Sources said the ruling will be issued next week at the earliest.