It’s crunch time. Senate majority leader Harry Reid has scheduled a vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” for next week.

If we win this, it will be a victory years in the making – but make no mistake about it: this is not a done deal and the threat of a filibuster from Sen. John McCain looms large.

Because of Sen. McCain’s pledge to block the vote from even happening, now is the time for every single person who supports the repeal to speak out.

Swing senators are making up their minds as we speak. But it’s just as important that lawmakers who are already on our side hear from us so they know they have the political support to go to the mat on this issue. This is a 100-senator strategy, and we need your help to make it work.

Email your senators and tell them the Senate MUST repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Though public opinion and top military leaders are with us, repeal is absolutely not a sure thing.

The right wing is making hysterical claims that allowing lesbians and gays to serve openly in the military will increase sexual assault and “undermine the religious liberties” of military chaplains. They are mobilizing their activists and putting intense pressure on senators.

And because John McCain and his cronies have threatened to filibuster the bill, the hurdle is even higher – we’ll need 60 votes to succeed.

There are no guarantees this will be a victory – we need you to act.

So many times in the past, when we’ve been on the doorstep of progress – on hate crimes, on employment non-discrimination, on marriage equality – they have had a trick up their sleeves. Whether it’s last-minute legislative maneuvers or “poison-pill” amendments, they can and will do everything in their power to derail progress.

That’s why we need your voice more than ever. Will you take a moment to email the Senate?

Write your senators NOW. Let them know how important repeal is to you.

After you take action, please send to ten friends and share on facebook

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a travesty, plain and simple. It doesn’t just violate basic principles of fairness and equality; it undermines our national security. At a time when we are fighting two wars, America can’t afford to be turning away soldiers, translators, analysts, engineers, doctors, or officers…

We’re on the precipice of a history-making moment, a landmark in the struggle for civil rights. So much is riding on this vote. Thank you for your unflagging support.

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