Council Vote

Dallas City Council vote tally per Fox 4’s Lori Brown

The Dallas City Council voted to keep the Kay Bailey Hutchison center pure and chaste by banning the porn expo eXXXotica from the booking at the city-owned facility.

The mayor and seven councilmen — McGough, Arnold, Thomas, Wilson, Gates, Callahan and Young — voted for the ban. The three amigos — Medrano, Kingston and Griggs — led the group of seven — Alonzo, Clayton, Greyson and Kleinman — opposing the ban on sex in the Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Councilman Scott Griggs posted on his Facebook page:

Exxxotica ban from City of Dallas facilities in an 8 – 7 vote. Although 15 voted today, a Federal Judge will be the 16th and final vote. The Mayor’s statements about the First Amendment and DPD vice data showing no crimes committed at last year’s event and no associated increase in crime from the event will be used against the City of Dallas.

The 16th vote will settle this matter in Federal Court at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Dallas taxpayers.

Councilman Philip Kingston noted that if the city doesn’t want to book controversial conventions in the Dallas Convention Center, we should get out of the money-losing convention business. It’s unlikely the council will debate gun shows in the Kay Bailey that take place regularly. Or gatherings of right-wing religious extremists like the TD Jakes event that happened last year.