Back in January, I profiled Dave Cudlipp, one of the writers and comics for the Dallas Comedy Conspiracy troupe. They were preparing for a show and working on getting the word out about their troupe. When we spoke, Cudlipp talked about one of his favorite skits.

… “Gay Chicken,” his skit that pushes some boundaries while answering the question: What happens when drunken straight guys play chicken with same-sex kissing? And yes, Cudlipp says it goes all the way.

“It’s interesting how the audience reacts to the sketch because there is about a minute-long kiss in it between two guys,” he says. “I’m a big guy, and another guy crawls on top of me and we just go at it. We like to push the envelope but really, we just want the audience to have a good time.”

Ultimately, “Gay Chicken” gets the laughs — and that is what the group wants.

Looks like he was right. I found this video today of the group’s skit. It’s a bit blurry, but some funny stuff. Cudlipp is the man in the black shirt.

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