Gay Dallas County District Clerk Gary Fitzsimmons forwarded this document that was emailed to county employees by the human resources department. (click to enlarge)

Dallas County’s domestic partner benefits program began Jan. 1 and the human resources department already has information up online reminding people of the qualifications.

After hitting roadblocks to offer the benefits through the healthcare co-op the county is a member of, the benefits were approved 3-2 by the Commissioner’s Court on party lines in October.

Partners of same- and opposite-sex employees who do not have insurance are can receive a subsidy toward their own privately purchased plan. They must have lived together for at least six months, be 18 years or older and not currently married. The county will reimburse employees for 45 percent of their partners’ insurance or up to $295.78 monthly — the amount the county contributes toward employees’ coverage — whichever is less.

Documentation for adults and children is listed below.

Eligibility of Adult:

Must provide two documents of proof from the list below:

Proof of the same residency for at least six (6) months naming/listing both partners. Examples include: Joint deed, mortgage agreement, or apartment lease.

Proof of joint checking or savings account statement that includes the date account was opened.

Utility bill and/or credit account that includes proof of at least six (6) months of history.

Proof of designation as the primary beneficiary for life insurance, or primary beneficiary designation under a partner’s will.

Eligibility of Children:

Must provide one document of proof from the list below:

Birth certificate listing the domestic partner as the parent of the dependent child.

Certificate of Adoption/Adoption Court Order listing the domestic partner as the adoptive parent.

Court order listing the domestic partner as Managing Conservator or Joint Managing Conservator; requiring the domestic partner to provide medical coverage for the child.