By Tammy Nash Staff Writer

Tom Malin

Jack Borden

Democratic legislative candidate Malin convicted of theft in 1992; opponent Borden evicted 3 times

With primary elections scheduled Tuesday, controversy continues to swirl around the campaigns of Democrats Tom Malin and Jack Borden, who are running against each other for a Texas House seat.

Two weeks ago, Malin admitted that allegations he had once worked as a male escort were true. In response, The Dallas Morning News and Stonewall Democrats of Dallas rescinded their endorsements of Malin.

Michael Moon

A search of Dallas County public records also showed that Malin was convicted in 1992 of misdemeanor theft. According to court documents, Malin was a student at the University of North Texas when he was arrested in November 1991 after he was accused of theft of between $20 and $200.
He pleaded no contest in May 1992, and was sentenced to six month’s probation and ordered to pay a fine and court costs totaling $502. He also was ordered to pay restitution of $120 to the Loews Anatole Hotel.

Malin successfully completed his probation and the case was discharged in November 1992.

Malin had no comment on the matter. He would only say he is optimistic and looking forward to Tuesday’s election.

Dallas County records showed that Borden had been evicted from the Manhattan Apartments at 4411 Bowser Ave. in 2000, and from the Villas at 4330 Bowser Ave. in 2004.

Borden said he had worked as a property manager at the apartments, and after losing the jobs he remained in the apartments until he was forced to leave.
“The only times I got evicted was when I worked for the properties,” Borden said. “I had a deal with them. They would not honor the deal, and I said to hell with you, I am staying until you take me to court.”

Borden also said he was evicted from the Hub Apartments at 3136 Hudnall St. in the early 1990s after his longtime partner died and he was unable to pay the rent.Malin has said the controversy has made his candidacy stronger by giving him more visibility and drawing support from voters who applaud him for overcoming past mistakes.
He has also accused Stonewall Democrats of being hypocritical in its decision to rescind its endorsement of him.

But Michael Moon, president of Stonewall Democrats, said Malin is hurting the Democratic Party, Stonewall Democrats and other GLBT candidates.

“We are really sorry that this guy has done all this and it has become a distraction from the other campaigns,” Moon said. “I am encouraging folks not even to pay any attention to him anymore. I am hoping the voters of District 108 will take care of it on Tuesday.”

Malin was quoted by the Dallas Morning News in an article published Tuesday as saying that Moon and other Stonewall leaders had met with him before his past was made public to discuss strategy in case the story should leak out.

Moon denied that claim.

“His accusations have become ludicrous,” Moon said. “I don’t know what his strategy is with all of this. I just don’t understand the whole situation, unless he is just bitter and trying to take it out on everyone else.”

After candidate screening sessions held Jan. 14-15, Stonewall’s endorsements committee recommended that the GLBT organization back Malin in the District 108 race. But before the membership could vote to ratify the committee’s recommendations on Jan. 17, someone approached Moon and other Stonewall leaders with allegations that Malin had worked as a prostitute.

Moon said that when he confronted Malin with the allegations and asked if there were any truth to the story, Malin lied and said no. Stonewall members Shannon Bailey and Buck Massey have also said Malin lied to them about his past.

The Dallas Morning News editorial board rescinded its endorsement after Malin acknowledged his past as a prostitute. But Malin reportedly had told supporters the newspaper continued to endorse him since his name was still included in a list of endorsed candidates posted on the Morning News website.
A Morning News spokesman said this week Malin’s continued inclusion on the list was an oversight, and as of Thursday afternoon, Malin’s name no longer appeared on the website.

Dallas Tejano Democrats did not rescind its endorsement of Malin. Spokesman Domingo Garcia said the organization would continue to back Malin because its members believed in redemption and second chances.
Despite rescinding its endorsement of Malin, Stonewall Democrats did not endorse Borden.

Moon said this week the organization does not see Borden, a perennial candidate who has never won a contested election, as a viable choice.
“Jack is a great representative for the gay community,” Moon said.

“He gets folks out to vote. He drives elderly people to the polls. He is a great community activist, and he should stay a community activist,” Moon said.
“I wish Jack all the best, but I wish he would look at the bigger picture,” Moon added.

“I wish he would look at how much positive stuff he does in serving his neighborhood and our community as an activist, and just concentrate on doing that.”


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