Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Wade Emmert, right, and Metroplex Republicans Dallas President Rob Schlein

Say what you want about GOProud affiliate Metroplex Republicans Dallas — and we’re sure many of our readers have plenty to say — but the local LGBT Republican group does consistently manage to bring in high-profile speakers, which, in Texas, seems like an accomplishment in itself.

Back in April, Metroplex Republicans hosted gay Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu — who later, despite dropping out of his congressional race amid scandal, quietly won re-election as sheriff in Pinal County.

Then, in October, there was Richard Grenell, the former spokesman for the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who went on to briefly serve as a national security spokesman for the Romney campaign.

A few weeks after that, there was state Sen. John Carona, who made news at a Metroplex Republicans meeting by becoming for the first Republican state legislator to support pro-equality legislation — before reportedly backtracking and going silent about the matter.

Which brings us to the group’s monthly meeting tonight, when it will host Dallas County Republican Party Chair Wade Emmert, who’ll provide post-election analysis.

“Wade has compiled some interesting statistics about this month’s national election,” Metroplex Republicans wrote in an email about the meeting. “I know many of us are dispirited about the results, but Wade will inform us of some victories that were hard fought.”

It’s not the first time Emmert has met with a gay Republican group — he’s pictured with Metroplex President Rob Schlein above, and back in January Emmert told the Dallas chapter of Log Cabin Republicans: “Don’t let anyone tell you the party doesn’t want you. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not welcome in the Republican Party.”

And on that note, you may now continue saying what you want about Metroplex Republicans. But if you’d like to join them, their meeting begins at 7 p.m. tonight at Mattito’s Mexican Cafe, 3011 Routh St.