Former Dallas Cowboy Ken Hutcherson testified before a Washington state legislative committee that legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to men marrying a horse. Hutcherson, the family-values pastor who officiated at Rush Limbaugh’s fourth wedding, could not give an example of any specific man who is waiting for marriage equality laws to pass so that he can marry his horse.

Ken Hutcherson

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has little respect for Hutcherson and titled an article about his committee appearance “Ken Hutcherson knows better than God about marriage. Could it be Satan?” The newspaper said Hutcherson did not utter a complete, coherent sentence in his testimony.

The marriage equality bill championed by Gov. Christine Gregoire is moving rapidly though the Legislature. In an earlier statement, Hutcherson equated her to John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln’s assassin. Gregoire is following the lead of New York Gov. Mario Cuomo whose popularity soared after he supported marriage equality.

Hutcherson played for the Cowboys for a season in the mid-70s before he was traded to the Chargers and then the Seahawks, which is how Seattle stuck with him. He played for less than three seasons in the NFL.

Hutcherson argues about man and horse marriage in a video after the jump: