Armani Nicole Davenport

Armani Nicole Davenport turned herself in to authorities in New Orleans Wednesday in a negligent injury case.

Davenport, 32, is a local drag queen who lives in Dallas but is from Louisiana. Police announced last week that they were searching for her in order to question her about a case involving negligent injuring of a person and accusations of practicing medicine without a license.

Davenport travels around Texas, Louisiana and Georgia, performing in pageants She recently participated in the Miss Gay Texas 2014 and the Miss Gay Dallas Metroplex contest in 2013.

Police believe she injected silicone into the hips and buttocks of two women late last month and also believe she may have injected people in other cities.

The two women were allegedly injected on Oct. 24. One of the women returned a few hours later and found the friend in “respiratory distress,” according to a police report. The police believe the woman’s body rejected the injections.

Davenport was booked on a count of negligent injuring with bail set at $50,000. A negligent injury conviction can carry a maximum fine of $5,000 and a six-month prison sentence.