Page 16A of the Sept. 6 New York Times feature a picture of Jeff Strater, left, and Omar Narvaez, center.

For whatever reason the LGBT delegation from Texas — and specifically Dallas — is getting a ton of media attention at the Democratic National Convention.

Yesterday, it was Stonewall President Omar Narvaez and Jay Narey in USA Today. Today, Narvaez and Jeff Strater are featured in the New York Times.

Dallas’ Craig McCartney is quoted by the Times:

“You can’t swing a cat without hitting gay people in Charlotte this week,” said Craig McCartney, 54, a Democratic donor from Dallas. Twelve years ago, he attended the Democratic convention in Los Angeles, and he said the presence of gay Democrats had been subdued.

“The difference now is, I hate to say we are more out the closet, but we are more out of closet politically,” he said.

Maybe the national media attention is because no one knew we actually had gay people in Dallas? Houston? Sure, they have that whole mayor thing going. Austin? Well, yeah. Liberal city in the middle of a red state. But Dallas? Oh, right. We have that whole J.R. thing going. Again.