Mayor Mike Rawlings issued a Price proclamation declaring June LGBT Pride Month in Dallas.

Before reading his proclamation, Rawlings commented on the upcoming special session of the Texas Legislature.

“Hopefully the bathroom bill will die again,” he said, calling it bad for people and bad for business. He got a standing ovation.

Councilman Adam Medrano, who chairs the Mayor’s LGBT Task Force, gave five awards to people for their contributions to the LGBT community in Dallas. He gave the Leadership Award to Cannon Flowers and Portia Cantrell for founding the Coalition for Aging LGBT. The Ally Awards went to OutLast Youth founder Josh Cogan and Promise House CEO Ashley Lind for their work with LGBT homeless youth. The Community Award went to Ernest Clark for his volunteer work with UBE, Dallas Southern Pride, as a voter registrar and work for HIV awareness among a long list of other activities.

At least eight council members attended the presentation as well as one runoff council candidate and a school board member.