Cory Weddington claims he was a victim of Ivan Cole

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ivan “J.P.” Cole, 25, died Saturday after shooting himself while “playing” Russian roulette in his North Dallas apartment.

Cole also worked at XTC Cabaret. He was the employee who allegedly initiated an incident in which Cory Weddington was punched and kicked. The women he was with were told, “Get that faggot out of here.”

In a response to Dallas Voice, XTC said Weddington, who’s about 5’4″, attacked MMA fighter Cole.

Weddington filed a lawsuit against XTC on May 1 for damages stemming from the April 2 incident. He alleges assault by four employees that “delivered repeated blows to plaintiff’s head, neck, back, face, shoulder and hips, causing Cory severe and irreparable injuries including a fractured jaw, broken nose, abrasions, and a seizure disorder caused by trauma to the back of the head.”

He is asking for at least $200,000 in compensation for damages, penalties, costs, expenses, pre-judgment interest and attorney fees.

Weddington was cleared as a suspect in Cole’s death by Dallas Police.

No charges were filed against Cole before his death or against the other employees. Dallas police weren’t working off-duty at the club, because DPD officers are not allowed to work at XTC.

At the time of his death, Cole was on suspension from competing in his sport.

From a report by the Combative Sports Advisory Board, “On September 4, a default order was entered against Ivan Cole assessing an administrative penalty of $5,000 and suspending Respondent’s boxer and second license for one year for failing to exhibit sportsmanlike conduct.”