After The Dallas Morning News came out in favor of marriage equality, it was just a matter of time before the hateful letters started rolling in. Here’s one from today’s edition:

Matrimonial free-for-all

Your editorial on gay marriage ends, “How can a secular government grant marriage rights to some but not others?”

Okay. Then why can’t I marry my son? We’re not going to have offspring, we’ll be happy and we’re not hurting anyone. Why can’t my wife marry my son if she’s had a hysterectomy?

Further, we can’t I have three wives if I can support them and they all want to marry me? Why can’t I marry my dog? I might love her more than anything else and, again, no offspring based on your reasoning, this issue will continue and continue until marriage has become a complete farce.

That should make you happy.

Paul Knopick, Denton

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