Adam Medrano

New picture of Councilman Adam Medrano that he likes

In response to recent attacks in Oak Lawn, more patrols have been added in the area including undercover officers, according to Councilman Adam Medrano.

Medrano and the Mayor’s LGBT Task Force hold an open town hall meeting tonight at Resource Center to discuss the problem with the community. Police officers from the Northwest Division including Chief Katrina Shedd are expected to attend.

Some of the attacks may be related and at least one is hate-motivated. Others may have been crimes of opportunity. What several attacks have in common is the incidents began with blows to the head, disorienting the victim and making identification of the assailant or assailants difficult.

In addition to police patrols, community members are petitioning the city to add lighting and cameras to help reduce crime.

The town hall meeting takes place at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Resource Center, 2701 Reagan.