A few commenters on our main Pride slideshow have put forth variations of the age-old criticism that the photos feature too much skin and serve as a poor representation of the LGBT community. To which my initial response would be, has anyone been to the Pride parade lately? Let’s just say it’s not like we Photoshopped in the scantily clad twinks, and so we’d argue that your complaint is with Pride, not with our slideshow. Furthermore, at least one of the commenters, Trey Franklin, can be dismissed as a Mitt Romney supporter who has all of two friends on Facebook and apparently set up a profile with the sole purpose of commenting on our site. But still, we do recognize that some of these folks are legitimate and make valid points. So, in response to their concerns — and as something of an encore — our amazing photographer Chuck Marcelo decided to put together a PG-rated set. Check ’em out after the jump.