Dallas Diesel

None of the seven Dallas teams that traveled to Chicago for the NAGAAA World Series won their divisions. But hey, winning isn’t everything.

“The series went great,” said Keith Dossier of the Dallas Voice Drillers.

John Gordon of Round Up TKO said the weather was great and the games well organized.

“The Dallas teams made a good showing,” Gordon said. “This year the competition was tough.”

Last year, Dallas teams won the B Division and came in second in the C and D divisions.

“We’re looking forward to next season,” Gordon said.

Next summer, the series will be in Minneapolis.

Gordon said TKO, which has been together a number of years, is planning to stay together and is talking about competing in a series in New Orleans in December.

Below is a look at how the Dallas teams fared this year, as well as the winners of each division.

In A Division, Dallas Round-Up TKO was eliminated in the first round of play.

Dallas Woody’s X-plosion and Dallas Eagle/Hidden Door made it into the third round of play in B Division. That division took six rounds to determine the winner.

In C Division, Dallas Round-Up Fuse made it to the fifth round of play but was defeated by the Las Vegas Rat Pack, which won the division in the eighth round. Dallas Voice Drillers were out in the first round.

Dallas Boom was knocked out in the first round and Dallas Round-Up Diesel in the second round in D Division.

No Dallas teams competed in the Master’s Division, which is for teams made up of players over the age of 50.

Here are the winners and runners-up for each division:

Champion: Atlanta Venom
Runner-up: San Francisco Hitmen

Champion: Boston Alley Gators
Runner-Up: Knoxville Cyclones

Champion: Las Vegas Rat Pack
Runner-Up: Boston 5 Star Diablos

Champion: Boston Club Cafe Good Times
Runner-up: Los Angeles Swingers

Champion: Chicago Sidetrack Classics
Runner-up: Los Angeles Silver Streaks

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