Two well-known (and better yet, well-liked) veterans of Dallas theater are on the move — one right out of the state.

Staying put is Lee Trull, who this week moved on to a full-time position as artistic associate with the Dallas Theater Center. Trull, who’s straight but a nice guy anyway, is an actor (“End Times,” DTC’s “A Christmas Carol”) and playwright (“Puppet Boy”) who has been one of the team that produces at Kitchen Dog Theater.

At least Lee will still be local; not so Tom Sime, the managing director of the Contemporary Theatre of Dallas and erstwhile theater critic for the Dallas Morning News. Sime, who’s gay but a nice guy anyway,  is making the big move: He’s headed for New York. Sime has always worn multiple hats in the arts, as a critic then theater manager, but also as a visual artist and playwright. His newest full-length play, “Bloodletters” (which I saw in an enjoyable staged reading last year), opens at Teatro Dallas later this summer.

We’ll have Tom around for a while longer — he’ll be with CTD until the end of the year, when Russell Dyer takes over… and I have to break another one in… mobi gameконтекстная реклама гуглэдворд