Dallas is the city that reported the most hate crimes in Texas based on sexual orientation bias, according to new a report released by the FBI.

Dallas reported 10 anti-gay hate crimes in 2011 Hate Crime Statistics report, which is double the number reported in 2010. It also had three hate crimes based on race, two on religion and one on ethnicity. The report only tracks hate crimes that were reported to police.

Houston had six crimes based on sexual orientation bias, four for race and three for religion, while Fort Worth came in third with four for sexual orientation, five for race, three for religion and four for ethnicity.

Dallas and Fort Worth both reported five hate crime based on sexual orientation for the FBI’s 2010 statistics. Houston topped the list that year with six.

Texas saw a jump from 39 hate crimes based on anti-gay bias in 2010 to 49 in the category in 2011. Racial hate crimes saw a decline from 85 to 56 reported crimes, while religion stayed at 19 and disability at 1. Crimes against ethnicity bias declined slightly from 30 to 27.

Nationally, there were 6,216 single‑bias incidents. Of those, 46.9 percent were motivated by a racial bias, 20.8 percent were motivated by a sexual‑orientation bias, 19.8 percent were motivated by a religious bias, 11.6 percent were motivated by an ethnicity bias and .9 percent were motivate by bias against a disability.

Hate crimes with a sexual orientation bias were up by 19.3 percent from 2010 national figures.