If you’re out on the community and happen to be around a Dallas Voice rack on a Friday, chances are you’ve bumped into our distribution manager, Linda, and her constant companion, Joey. A miniature Chihuahua, Joey has become our de facto mascot over the last five years or so. He’s always in the latest clothes and loves to be held. He’s simply the best goodwill ambassador Dallas Voice has ever had.

But tiny as he is, Joey was unable to fight back when a stray dog attacked him today. He died as a result.

We’re all pretty upset here at the office, not the least being Linda, his mommy. My own Chihuahua, Popeye, often visits Linda and Joey and they get along like gangbusters.

If  you knew Joey, hold him in your heart tonight. Maybe make a donation to a shelter — or better still, adopt from one. And if you see Linda, give her an extra long hug. In fact, give anybody you see one. We could all use it about now.