Almost a quarter inch of severe slush and absolutely no traffic, as seen here on a section of Maple Avenue that is usually bumper-to-bumper, closes Dallas Voice office. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

The Dallas Voice office is closed today, Monday, Feb. 23, due to severe flurries throughout the area.

Editor Tammye Nash texted during the opening of the Oscars that Fort Worth schools had already announced they were closing today. Yes, there’s so much wrong with that. Note to editor: No one in Dallas really cares about ¬†Fort Worth and interrupting the Oscars? Really?

Within minutes, Publisher Leo Cusimano, who lives on a hill in Oak Cliff, agreed with the people from Fort Worth who just didn’t feel like driving this morning and closed Dallas Voice this morning.

I’m watching Channel 11, which has preempted the CBS Morning News for its emergency coverage. They’re talking about dangerous road conditions and showing pictures of cars moving normally on virtually empty streets and titled their hysteria coverage, “Eye of the Storm.”

No accidents are reported. Disappointing for reporters stationed on bridges and overpasses who are supposed to report on death and mayhem. I wish they’d feed these pictures to Boston where they’d get a kick out of the total panic.

So if conditions improve by Tuesday, we’ll reopen then. Unfortunately, the temperature is not supposed to go above freezing all day. Even though I’m within walking distance of the office, I don’t want to go in and make the others look bad, so I’ll stay home along with everyone else today and probably won’t be able to make it in tomorrow either.