Christian Colbert from a 2012 photo shoot

Former Dallas Voice photographer Christian Colbert is wanted in the murder of his former next-door neighbor Ronald Shumway. He also uses the name Christopher Colbert.

Shumway’s torso was found in the yard of his former home last September when a new owner was clearing the backyard. The body was identified through DNA tests earlier this month.

After Shumway resigned by email from his position as a DART bus driver, his house was put up for sale. Colbert has been identified as the person who appeared at the closing. When asked for ID, he said he left his driver’s license home and would fax it later. He faxed Shumway’s license with Colbert’s picture replacing Shumway’s.

Colbert was a Dallas Voice Scene photographer around 2003-2006. During the day, Colbert was a hair stylist. In 2008, he created a product to prevent bleach and hair from ruining a person’s makeup called Pro-Tech Face Shields. He had done Scene photography for Dallas Voice from as early as 1999.

Shumway was last seen on April 23, 2015. Facebook posts that police believe were made by Colbert indicated he was going to Austin. Several posts were made to indicate he was living in Austin with someone he met online.

In May, Shumway’s house was put up for sale and it sold in June. During the summer it was flipped.

The current owner found the torso in his yard in September.

Here’s the latest from the police blog on the case:

On September 24, 2015, Dallas Police responded to 725 N. Winnetka regarding the unidentified remains in the backyard of a vacant home under renovation.

During the course of the investigation, DNA comparisons revealed that the remains belonged to the registered homeowner Ronald David Shumway W/M 57.

The investigation also revealed that Christopher Brian Colbert W/M 08-21-1972 assumed Shumway’s identity and committed several deceptive acts.  Colbert is currently wanted for Tampering with Governmental Record, Securing Execution of Document by Deception and Money Laundering each carrying a $100,000.00 bond.  Christopher Colbert remains at large.