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Dallas Morning News started this discussion with results of their survey on the city’s four-month-old reusable bag ordinance. And if some legislation passes in Austin that affect local control, the local Dallas-only bag ban could be gone.

According to DMN, 50 percent oppose the ban while only 41 percent favor it. But a majority believe it will reduce litter. The ban has changed habits, including 12 percent who say they shop in Dallas less. No one from Oak Lawn is driving specially to shop in Richardson just to get a free bag.

Here’s my completely unscientific poll done among people who work at Dallas Voice only. So it’s completely unbiased and completely contradicts the Morning News.

I’ve heard nothing negative about the bag ban, but understand, I rarely travel north of Mockingbird Lane, unless I’m covering a story and forced to go. Scares me up there. I shop in Oak Cliff, Oak Lawn and East Dallas. Sometimes NorthPark — OK, rules are made to be broken.

Number of complaints I’ve heard from other people about the bag ban, carrying around reusable bags, paying 5 cents if you forgot a bag or not using a bag and just carrying out a couple of items purchased: 0 percent complaints. Haven’t heard one complaint from anybody, personally, while waiting in line to check out.

So here’s my own quick survey of our office that completely refutes the DMN poll, and let’s get the out-of-towners out of the way first:

Kevin (from Plano) called it a good idea. A good idea? And he lives in Plano? Well, Kevin rides DART to work, too.

Linda, who lives in Lewisville said, “It’s a hassle.” Then she said some things I can’t print here, but anyone who knows Linda can imagine what came out of her mouth.

Anyway, in Dallas, we don’t care what people who live in Lewisville think about our local ordinances.

So Tammye? James? They live in Fort Worth and in Dallas we really, really don’t care what they think. Oh, wait. They’re both for it.

OK, people who live in Dallas:

Leo (lives in Oak Cliff): I was initially apprehensive but now I support it. I’m very green and pay extra for my electricity to be green energy. I’m installing new air conditioning that’s energy efficient.

Craig (lives in Oak Lawn): A little inconvenient but I’m for it.

Mark (lives in Highland Park): If it accomplished nothing else, it creates awareness, but it’s made a difference. There’s less trash on Lemmon Avenue.

Arnold (lives in East Dallas): I personally think it’s fighting a forest fire with a water pistol but I’m in favor of it and always use non-plastic. Could require all bags to just be recyclable.

Stephen (lives downtown): I think it’s good, but I don’t always remember to bring a bag with me or go into a store when I wasn’t planning to go shopping.

Jesse (lives in Oak Lawn): I pay 5 cents a bag but I reuse them for my kitty litter. I’m for it and I don’t notice as many bags floating around.

So what do you think? No one’s forcing anyone to shop in Dallas and the 12 percent in the DMN poll are welcome to shop elsewhere. The DMN poll was citywide. Seems like those in the center of the city are more likely for it.