By David Webb Staff Writer

Juveniles videotaping fight in street throw bricks, rocks at do-gooder’s truck after she blows horn at group in effort to stop the altercation

Kris Martin

Dallas Voice promotions manager Kris Martin took matters into her own hands when she came upon a group of about 50 young male juveniles videotaping a street fight Monday, March 5, near North Dallas High School at about 4 p.m.

“I decided I was going to put a stop to it,” Martin said. “I broke it up.”

Martin stopped the juveniles from fighting in the 3900 block of Travis Street by driving her truck up close to them and blowing the horn. The juveniles stopped fighting, but then they began throwing bricks and rocks at her truck.

“I got frightened when they started throwing bricks because I was afraid they were going to come through the window,” Martin said.

Martin said the juveniles scattered, and she went to look for help while calling 911 on her cell phone. She went to the high school but saw no adults anywhere. Then, she drove around the block and returned to the site.

When she began blowing her horn, the juveniles calmly walked away with half of them going to the school and the other half going in the opposite direction.

“They weren’t afraid of me at all,” Martin said.

Martin has written a letter to Dallas Independent School District Supt. Michael Hinojosa asking him to ensure that sort of situation is prevented in the future.

Martin said that in retrospect she wouldn’t do what she did again. “I’m a tough lesbian, but I wouldn’t do it again,” Martin said. “And I wouldn’t recommend that anybody else do it either. It’s just too dangerous.”

And it’s expensive. She has been given a $2,486.61 estimate to repair the dents to her truck.


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition March 09, 2007 lazyhostпродвижение сайта под google