Remember when I asked Jennifer Hudson about how her spiritual beliefs meshed with the fact that she was singing at a gay circuit party, and then she started talking about how the Bible says being gay is a sin?

Well that Dallas Voice article ran while Hudson was on the cover of The Advocate

Hudson also recently appeared on the cover of Out magazine’s “Out 100” edition. And Dallasite Michael Mousel ripped Out for doing so.

His “Here’s the Outrage” letter ran in the February edition: “How sad for the likes of Demarco Majors and John Amaechi and the other 99 men and women who provide role models for all those who now have yet another reason to think they are sinners.”

Then an Out editor chimed in, trotting out Hudson’s same old quote about how she’s tolerant of gays, has a lesbian sister and is still a devout Baptist.

Both Out and The Advocate are owned by LPI Media.

How come no one at LPI has ever asked Hudson who can’t stop talking about God if she agrees with the interpretation of the Bible that says same-sex love is immoral?

Daniel A. Kusner

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