Former City Councilwoman Veletta Lill, Barbara Rosenberg, Leza Mesiah and Buddy Mullino spoke at the January Outrageous Oral presentation in the Rose Room.

Lill spoke about path to becoming an honorary lesbian who represented District 14, which includes part of Oak Lawn.

Rosenberg talked about how her successful campaign against the notorious Judge Jack Hampton made national news. Hampton was known for sentencing a murderer to a lesser sentence because he equated gays with prostitutes, something he repeated to several news outlets at the time.

“I was there,” is what Leza Mesiah titled her presentation. One of the originators of the NPR show All Things Considered, Mesiah mentioned the many historic events in the LGBT community that she witnessed first hand.

Outgoing The Dallas Way president Buddy Mullino talked about Howie Daire and the beginning of the AIDS crisis. Mullino was a longtime board member of Oak Lawn Community Services.

Robert Emery, a founding board member of The Dallas Way, hosted. He quipped about the amount of information available in the room. He said coming to Outrageous Oral is just like going to the library where you sit quietly get lots of information and then go to the back of the room for a drink.