Welcome to Dallas Adhama (uh-DAHM-a) and Boipelo (BOY-pa-lo), our new hippos at the Dallas Zoo.

Adhama loves vamping for the cameras. Boipelo is a little more shy. But the pair hit it off as soon as they met. According to the zoo’s director, Gregg Hudson, we’re hoping for little hippos in the near future and last night Adhama and Boipelo had the same thing in mind.

Adhama was born in San Diego and came to Dallas from the Los Angeles Zoo. Boipelo came from the Albuquerque Zoo.

The new habitat contains a 120,000 gallon pool that Adhama seems to love. Boipelo isn’t as sure, but follows him in.

We haven’t had hippos in Dallas since our last hippo, who had been at the zoo for 51 years, died in 2001.

And while I was at the zoo, I stopped by to say hello to the giraffes and elephants.