The Dallas Zoo will offer Penguin Days prices for admission for the next three months beginning Dec. 1 and running through Feb. 28. Admission will be $7.

Over Thanksgiving Weekend, I stopped by the Dallas Zoo hoping to get a few pictures of Ajabu, the baby elephant that was born to Mlilo, one of the Dallas’ four new rescue elephants. I just missed her. The keeper who was at the Savannah said I just missed her. It was chilly that morning, so mom and baby¬†decided to return to the barn.

But I did catch a couple of the new elephants mingling with two of the Golden Girls, the four elephants that have called Dallas home for a few years now.

But I did meet Betty White. She’s the one-and-a-half year old giraffe that recently moved to Dallas who was out in the Savannah for the first time that day. Betty’s still young, but plans are to breed her. One of the zoo’s older males was very interested and was following Betty around the area and nuzzling her gently.

I posted a few other pictures. Last spring when I was at the zoo, I took some pics of gray baby flamingos. I posted one of those with a picture of that flamingo enclosure today. The babies are all turning pink.

Also take a look at the adorable baby chimpanzee clinging to mom.