Team Dallas Voice: Arnold Wayne Jones, Anna Waugh, Rich Lopez, David Taffet

Dallas Voice participated in the Reliant Energy Kite Relay this morning at Fair Park. Anna Waugh, Rich Lopez, Arnold Wayne Jones and I flew a kite, dressed as Ben Franklin, folded a pinwheel, answered energy questions … and came in second.

WFAA Channel 8’s Colleen Coyle beat us by a few steps. She won $2,500 for the ASPCA. Bob Williams from Ranch Hand Rescue, our charity, was on hand and received $250.

“You should have tripped her,” Waugh said. “Next time we’ll know better.”

About a dozen news organizations were on hand to compete.

The Reliant energy-efficient house was on hand. Among the interesting new appliances displayed was a hot water heater that uses heat from the attic to warm the water in the tank and releases cool air into the attic to help cool the house. During the winter, the heater works on electricity as well.

The kite relay was to promote a Saturday event in the Trinity River bottoms near the viaduct behind Lew Sterrett. Closest parking is in the courthouse parking lots. Hot air balloons, hang gliders, kite relay teams will be part of the fun from noon to 6 p.m. More photos from today’s event below.