Robin Chaurasiya knew she was a lesbian — she’d been dating girls since she was 13 — but when she enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, she followed the rules. She didn’t tell the military she was gay.

Robin Chaurasiya
Robin Chaurasiya

Chaurasiya completed her service was left the Air Force in 2007. Then last year, thanks to the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, she was called back to active duty. Still, she didn’t tell. But somebody else told for her.

According to, after she was called back to duty and sent to Scott Air Force Base in Illinois,  a guy in the military that Chaurasiya had once dated forwarded a group e-mail to her commanding officer in which she acknowledged that she was a lesbian. The commanding officer, Lt. Gen. Robert R. Allardice, then called Chaurasiya in, read the e-mail to her and said he would be angry if someone was making false claims “against her character.”

So Chaurasiya sent Allardice a letter confirming that yes, she is a lesbian;and  yes, she had a legal civil union with her partner.

So what did Allardice do? He refused to disharge her, saying that she was just pretending to be a lesbian so she could get out of the Air Force.

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