You’re probably planning on getting a whole lot of learning done during the Creative Change conference this week. Well, they also have some of your entertainment options provided as well.

So I’m jumping ahead here but at the closing plenary and brunch Sunday, New York’s Vogue Evolution will be performing. And they are probably gonna work it if their show looks anything like their bid to win America’s Best Dance Crew 4 on MTV last year. They are pretty amazing in the above compilation video of their performances on the show. Although I must say I was kinda charmed by this video where they won over an audience that didn’t seem overly razzed about it.

But they are more than a dance troupe. Check their bio from the Creating Change program after the jump.

Vogue Evolution rocks the house at the closing session of Creating Change. Fresh and fierce from America’s Best Dance Crew, Vogue Evolution aims to be in the forefront of bringing vogue and house/ ball culture to ever wider audiences. Vogue Evolution is comprised of some of New York’s most respected and creative figures in the House/Ballroom scene. Vogue Evolution has since moved beyond just a dance company to become an envoy committed to effectively changing the lives of the LGBT community through the art of dance. Vogue Evolution works to empower Black and Latino gay youth by increasing self-esteem, educating the community about HIV/AIDS awareness, and encouraging everyone to get tested.

Now that’s pretty great. The closing plenary is Feb. 7 at 11:30 a.m. Croissants and duck walks? You totally don’t want to miss that.skachat-office-2013.ruрепутация