By David Webb – The Rare Reporter

News just keeps getting worse for gay constable, Dallas’ LGBT leaders
“It’s like the New Year’s Eve hangover that won’t go away.”

David Webb: The Rare Reporter

That’s what one prominent gay Democrat had to say about the controversy surrounding gay Precinct 5 Constable Mike Dupree and that was before the news broke that Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins had recused himself from any criminal proceedings involving Dupree to avoid a conflict of interest.

That was a pivotal move because it signaled the district attorney was changing course. The district attorney’s office initially said there was no basis for a criminal investigation in connection with Dupree’s romantic relationships.

But that was before employees in his office started coming forward with complaints that Dupree had sexually harassed them. Then a gay employee who had publicly supported Dupree filed a complaint, claiming he was coerced into defending the constable. His complaint alleges among many other things that Dupree came on to his boyfriend .

It’s like something out of a made-for-television movie, and it could not be more embarrassing for the LGBT community particularly to gay politicians. It’s the stereotype of the gay man as sexual predator.

And there’s much more to come because Dupree’s lawyer has signaled that the constable plans to resist all efforts to remove him from office. Dupree has not spoken to the media in months, but his lawyers and relatives insist that he is innocent of all the allegations. It’s the constable’s right to defend himself in court after all, he is innocent until proven guilty. And I sure hope for everybody’s sake that’s the way this drama turns out not guilty.


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition April 6, 2007 vzlom-pochty.comдизайн сайтов на заказ