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The dating auction website WhatsYourPrice.com has released its ranking of the 10 cities in the U.S. with the most expensive gay first dates. The site reports 32 percent growth in gay memberships during June ,which is LGBT Pride Month. The average accepted first-date price for gays during Pride Month is $105.20, compared to $80 for the entire site.

“Our website’s recent LBGT growth proves that gay men and women are willing to invest in a first date if the opportunity is worthwhile,” said Brandon Wade, the CEO and Founder of WhatsYourPrice.com. “With an average first-date offer of $105.20, the gay community clearly values every worthy chance at falling in love.”

Below are WhatsYourPrice.com’s Top 10 cities with the most expensive average gay Pride dates.

1.) St. Louis, MO: $142.88
2.) Santa Monica, CA: $137.31
3.) Salt Lake City, UT: $135.79
4.) San Diego, CA: $131.67
5.) Boston, MA: $130.94
6.) Atlanta, GA: $126.52
7.) San Francisco, CA: $125.40
8.) Minneapolis, MN: $120.33
9.) Miami, FL: $119.14
10.) Dallas, TX: $112.53