Davis.KimUPDATE 3: (11:30)

A guard just came to the door and said it could be another hour before the hearing is finished.

Anti-gay protesters are singing “How I Love Jesus,” while LGBT protesters are chanting “No Hate.”

Davis has said the case isn’t about her hating gay people. The anti-gay protesters didn’t get the message with signs like “Homo Sex is Sin” and “Sodomy Sin” and other lovely slogans proving it’s not about hate. It’s about their filthy, sex-filled, homophobic version of religion.

UPDATE 2: (10:52)

WKYT, the CBS affiliate in Lexington, reports because Davis and her entire staff were summoned to federal court, the county clerk’s office in Rowan County is closed with a sign that reads, “We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we will be open Friday morning, September 4, 2015 for normal business. Thank you.”

Normal business means she intends to keep her job and continue to not do it.

UPDATE: (10:32 a.m.)

Right now I’m watching cars drive by the courthouse with no news from inside the courthouse. No electronic equipment is allowed inside. The hearing might be long, since all six of her deputy clerks were ordered to appear as well. Four of them are also refusing to issue licenses. One has expressed ambivalence. The one who said he would issue has been ordered not to by Davis.


Crowds gathered outside the U.S. Courthouse in Ashland Ky., about 60 miles northeast of Rowan County for the contempt of court hearing for County clerk Kim Davis. The hearing was set to begin at 10 a.m. Central Time.

According to Bluegrass Politics, crowds chanted, “This is not a church.”

Sidewalk preachers urged the crowd to “flee from your sins” and “we still love you.”

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