Rep. Molly White, R-Belton.

In the wide open Republican presidential primary, there’s plenty of room for fearmongering and phobia and flat out ignorance.

Take, for instance, Donald Trump, The Man with The Platinum Hair and the current presidential frontrunner. There’s Sen. Ted Cruz, the partisan, flame-throwing Texas Republican. They instill fear and promote liberty in their own ways. Trump shouts with simple platitudes and bombast; Cruz does the same but with serous and tone deaf, arguments.

Their rhetoric influences the diehard grassroots voters, a hyperpartisan type whose view of America is often guided by Fox News and televangelists.

Alas, sometimes grassroots voters assume positions of power and influence themselves. And they sometimes take the form in state Rep. Molly White, a first-term Republican from Belton, who is absolutely fucking nuts.

I’ve written about her before. She’s the one who asked any Muslims visiting her Capitol office to pledge allegiance to the American flag and denounce “radical Islam.” Her chief of staff, Hannah Bell, told some LGBT activists visiting the Capitol during an Equality Texas lobbying day that they shouldn’t waste their time meeting her.

(That same chief of staff, by the way, made obtaining an open records request next to impossible for me.)

Her lunacy wasn’t confined to office walls, however.

She wanted to ban same-sex marriages, ban local nondiscrimination ordinances, ban all abortions all the time, everywhere and if she could, probably limit a woman’s right to even move beyond the kitchen.

She was also one the legislators to appear at the cake cutting and celebration of Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage, until it and others were tossed out by this summer’s Obergefell decision legalizing same-sex marriage. When not filing sweeping and nonsensical legislation, she flubbed, bumbled and made an absolute embarrassment of herself and constituents.

A Facebook post on Monday, Dec. 7, Ms. Molly reasserted her lunacy.

In a post, seen below, she pondered the presidency, asking “if Obama entertains the MB [Muslim Brotherhood], arms terrorists, ignores terroristic attacks on American soil, appoints Muslims to serve on Homeland Security positions, releases terrorists from Gitmo…Shouldn’t he be arrested and tried for treason against the US? Makes sense to me.”

Screen shot 2015-12-09 at 3.37.48 PM

By the way, Rep. White won her seat in an upset victory against incumbent Rep. Ralph Sheffield in the 2014 primary, carries plastic fetuses at various stages of gestation in her trunk, once said a pro-life group has “blood on its hands” for opposing one of her extreme bills and is running for re-election against former Rep. Hugh Shine in the March 1 primary…Defeating this embarrassment of an elected official makes sense to me.