The following post comes from HRC Field Organizer Nick McCoy:

An air of excitement moved through the Equality Forum at the Human Rights Campaign last week.

A diverse crowd of forty, including couples, seasoned community advocates, and excited neophytes, gathered for a couples meet and greet hosted by HRC and the DC marriage collaborative. The cause, to galvanize support for a continuing marriage equality education initiative, is entrenched in a broader undertaking by the DC marriage collaborative and HRC, to make inroads, build relationships and overcome differences within the community.

As such, the evening was an opportunity for dialogue between the DC marriage collaborative, HRC and all coalition partners, and residents of the broader DC Metro area. Jasper Hendricks, the new director of the DC Civil Marriage Collaborative, was introduced to the guests who provided feedback about what they need in their own communities to make progress on equality and justice, with a focus on LGBT issues.

The first same-sex couple married in the District, Angelisa Young and Sinjoyla Townsend, lit up as they told the attendees of the encouraging message they received from neighbors, District employees and officials since exchanging their nuptials. The picture of marital bliss, the newlyweds, who married in the same room five months ago, expressed pride in their ability to finally enjoy the same rights and bear the same responsibilities as their fellow citizens.

The event was a rousing success and the DC marriage collaborative and HRC look forward to the next opportunity to engage the community with its mission.

Special thanks to the National Black Justice Coalition, Gay and Lesbian Alliance, Gertrude Stein Democratic Club and the DC Civil Marriage Collaborative.

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