The flaming Green Lantern is now out of the closet.

In Arnold’s post about Marvel mutant Northstar proposing to his partner, the buzz was also out about DC joining the gay fray in their comic book universe. They cleverly teased by announcing a major character would come out soon. Personally, I’m waiting for Wonder Woman to do it (okayyy?) but as Rolling Stone reports, DC’s gay will be the Green Lantern. From RollingStone:

Earth Two, a new series by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott, reintroduces the concept by putting a new spin on the original versions of characters like the Green Lantern, the Flash and Superman that diverges notably from the past several decades of DC lore. In the second issue of the comic, in stores June 6th, Robinson and Scott prove just how different this world is by revealing that their version of Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern introduced back in 1940, is an openly gay man.

Up until recently, a middle aged version of Alan Scott was one of the stars of Justice Society of America, a comic series featuring the 1940s versions of DC’s heroes set in the present day. The new versions of these characters in Earth Twohave all been aged down considerably, to the point that Scott’s gay superhero son Obsidian had to be sacrificed. Robinson says he was inspired to write Scott himself as a gay character to make up for that loss. “The logical leap that I made was, oh, why don’t we make Alan Scott gay?,” he says. “To DC’s credit, there wasn’t any hesitation. [Co-publisher] Dan DiDio was like ‘Oh, that’s a great idea, let’s do it!'”

Now what does this mean for Ryan Reynolds in any possible Green Lantern movie sequel?

Preview a page from the upcoming book after the jump.