Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The New York State legislature was supposed to adjourn Monday.

But several issues have kept the Legislature in session — including the issue of marriage equality. The governor, Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader met today and came to an agreement — on rent control in New York City and its suburbs, state university tuition and property taxes. But they are unable to agree on marriage equality.

The measure passed the Democratic-controlled Assembly for the fourth time and is backed by the governor. The Senate is under Republican control and one more vote is needed for the measure to pass. Even if another Republican announces he will vote for the bill, the majority leader has to agree to allow it to come up for a vote. Until these issues are settled, however, the Legislature won’t adjourn.

Protesters on both sides of the same-sex marriage issue have filled the halls of the New York State Capitol. Most of the other issues should be resolved this afternoon, according to the Albany Times Union, leaving nothing but marriage as the remaining issue for New York’s leaders to argue.