Mitchell Polk

The death of Mitchell Polk, whose body was found a block from Peabody Clinic on Aug. 23, remains unexplained.

Dallas Voice filed a Freedom of Information Act request at the time of his death to try and find out more about what happened. That requerst was finally approved this week.

While we reported in September that the death was a murder, the police report we just got today states, “unexplained death (no offense),” meaning no murder investigation is underway.

Most of the information on the police report is redacted. The report doesn’t list Polk’s name, but lists the victim as “unknown.” Dallas Voice matched the location where Polk’s body was found with the police report number.

The report indicates no drugs or alcohol were involved and one line of narrative was partially redacted. What remains is information already known: “[redacted] locating the complainant deceased at the location. The complainant was observed to be in a state of decomposition. [redacted].”