Jeff Young, a former Dallas resident and an American Airlines employee for more than 15 years, died at home in Cincinnati on Jan. 21, surrounded by family.

Young had lived in Dallas for many years, where he was a member of the Pegasus Slowpitch Softball Association and Cathedral of Hope. After becoming ill, he moved to Houston with his partner, Robert Sullivan, a couple of years ago to seek further treatment. Sullivan said the move allowed Young to live for another two years, and Sullivan thanked Dr. Shannon Schrader and Nelson Vergel for their support and strength throughout that time.

After an especially difficult episode on Jan. 11, Young and Sullivan decided he should move back to Cincinnati to be with his family for his final days.

A celebration of Young’s life will be held in Dallas among his chosen family and friends as soon as final arrangements can be made. Sullivan said the gathering will likely be held at Young’s favorite restaurant in Dallas, The Catalina Room, on or around March 14.

Young was known as excellent ball player and a uniquely kind and loving man. His optimism and infectious smile will be missed by friends here in Texas and from Atlanta to Los Angeles.

Everyone loved him, and his will to live and endless caring for others is a testament to the human spirit.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 29, 2008.
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